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MNEK - Tongue (Official Video)

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potato chip : Damn this is really fucking good randomly encountered it and I guess I need to check mnek out
ĸιwι ĸ : It's depressing to have discovered this masterpiece only now.
Bruno Oliveira : I love this man so much <3
Sova Artisan Goods : I love the song=)
GD Zak : Gonna keep this for me and everyone else lol 00:49
Taniya Dasgupta : MNEK is the best musician, singer out there. Period. The world will know in due time.
Uma GAYmer :
nana ` Mahalo : MDS DU CÉU
Lee : stream SMILE Katy Perry 28/08
Wayne Uk : Tune

Maribou State - Tongue (feat. Holly Walker)

Maribou State - Tongue (feat. Holly Walker)


Taking you deeper...

Maribou State

Holly Walker

Released by Southern Fried Records

Picture by Angela Mary Butler

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Alien Cansu : Türk varmı lna
WOOK SHAHIRA BINTI CHIK - : 3:21. The song of the meme

Among us bruh moment 3
By Hystab
And this song play

Edit: I edited the Hystab was Gustav
LowNslow : @MrsuicideSheep i hope the sheep never suicides!
HuZaI ಠ_ಠ : Why so strunggle? I use shazam
Dog of Doom : People who didn't come from tiktok are worthy of liking this
Nope U : Anyone came from an among us video?
rriot-. Pa : Who's here because of among us meme
Allyson Wonderland : Moment of silence for the people who couldn’t find this song
Artistic Monitor : Instagram ads got me here
Weterfinkest Warner : Каждый раз когда я слушаю эту песню,я плачу.Мои жизненные проблемы очень связаны с этой песней.Целый день я веселюсь,дурачюсь.А когда прихожу домой запираюсь в своей комнате,слушаю ее и плачу,это все напоминает мне день сурка.Я не знаю что делать

Maribou State feat. Holly Walker - Tongue (Official Video)

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Maribou State feat. Holly Walker - Tongue (Official Video).

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Released 10.06 on Southern Fried Records with remixes from James Welsh \u0026 Drew Hill.

Directors - Samuel Hurlock \u0026 Joe Beverley
Producer - Sean Leishman
Prod. Company - Flex Film
DOP - Jay Waldon
1st AC - James Chegwyn
Gaffer -Dan Goodall
Spark - Matt Vahey
Spark - Johnny Dew
Editor - Sam Hurlock
Choreographer - Chris Arias
Photographer - Ryan O'Donoghue
Production Assistant - Charlotte Hemsley
Hair\u0026 Make up - Laura Pusey
Commissioner - Craig Duranti
Record label - Southern Fried

Thanks to Ole at Panalux and Tom \u0026 Ronnie at Frame Rate Rentals.

Chloe Farnworth
Lindsay Konieczny
Jessica Stafford-Brooke
Sebastian Sacco
Anime Gacha Tv : Lol I'm here because of that among us video
Melania Reyes jurado : Me gusta
Imaboymon : I don’t even have TikTok I came from an among us video
Deadprobobo : Hystab squad
Gina en la cocina : La de tik tok da miedo esta es más divertido a pesar q son la misma cancion
Mauro Torres : Damnnnnn so hottt
Masmin : Any edm fans here that can tell me what genre this song is: I feel like its downtempo/electronica but I was a more specific genre to fit it into
Fiqh Fahrianur : 2020 anyone?
Beto R : ~. Damn... Another good song but with Satanic/ illuminati ritual bullshit in it. ‍♂️
Nethmi Balasooriya : This giving me nostalgic vibes.




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