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Gerber Fuse: Clip Folding Knife

Same-old, same-old doesn’t cut it for today’s EDC community. The Fuse merges high-resolution electroformed stainless steel with lightweight glass-filled nylon to provide a rigid, stylish, trend-forward design. Two full stainless steel liners provide added rigidity, and an exposed easy-access liner lock makes operation simple. Built on barrel construction, and equipped with a deep carry pocket clip, the Fuse is a step up for the EDC crowd.

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Gerber Zilch: Everyday Carry Pocket Knife

Pockets don't have infinite space, so making the most of it is key when designing for the EDC user. This is where the Zilch comes in: a lightweight folding knife built to slip into your pocket and out of mind. A slim footprint doesn't mean it's slim on design; it has exposed barrels, an unexpected spine design, and the option to customize deployment.

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