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Tsubaki SHISEIDO advertising HD - 椿资生堂广告 - 椿資生堂広告

Tsubaki SHISEIDO advertising hd 椿资生堂广告 椿資生堂広告

Midori [Shōjo Tsubaki] (1992) - Exploring Psychological Degradation

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Midori - Exploring Psychological Degradation:
This week's video essay explores the low-budget, independently produced anime film "Midori" and how, despite its budgetary restraints, it is able to explore horrifying depths of violence, malice and misery. Also known as "Shōjo Tsubaki," "The Camellia Girl," and "Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show," it's a challenging film to watch as the majority of its scenes are filled with explicit depictions of violence. However, if viewers can brave it through the film's graphic content, they'll find something more unsettling, gut-wrenching and profound: the extent that a person can be psychologically broken.

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How to cut Tsubaki Roller Chain using a chain breaker

Shows how to cut Roller Chain using a chain breaker. Applicable Tsubaki products are Standard Roller Chains, Heavy Duty Roller Chains (single strand only), Corrosion Resistant Roller Chains (except Poly Steel Chain) and Curved Roller Chain.




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