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Sneaky student tries to trick Frank with a false dilemma

A student asks which would you choose if you were sick: a doctor or prayer? Frank points out why this is a false dilemma. Should we plant food or pray? We should do both.

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#FrankTurek #Morality #FalseDilemma
raul castro : I just caught Pastor/Doctor Turek's last statement to the man child where he said "we are going to go to the next lady..."
Dr Disrespect : Should David stepped into the battlefield to face Goliath, or should he pray to God to stop Him. He can only choose one.

He may as well have said to brother Frank "hey, if you can choose between wearing a coat in the rain or praying to God to stop it, which one will you choose?"
big star : I no longer need my work with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m
Xain'd Sleena : Frank why would you waste your money on modern medicine if you thought prayer was just as effective?
Mr. Bubbles : I wonder why Frank would waste his money on modern medicine if the really thought prayer was more effective?
LinebackerTuba : Cringe
Xain'd Sleena : You can't be an apologist unless you know how to dodge questions and create red herrings. The kid's point was if you believe prayer is more effective than modern medicine, then there is no need to rely on modern medicine - its obsolete. The only time you wouldn't rely on prayer alone, is if you don't trust it
JD Desrouleaux : that guy really trying to get him
Champa Dragon : Those medicines are already the answers to our prayers.
Kwin9 : Frank the dodger. Perfectly legitimate question.

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